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Moloaa Bay, beach, north east shore, kauai, hawaii
moloaa stream, river mouth, rope swing, tree roots, fishing nets and ropes, debris, pawprints in sand
Posted 2009-06-05
water > fresh
beach with reef rocks, green algae, river mouth
Posted 2009-06-05
water > salt
green algae on reef rocks
Posted 2009-06-05
still > abstracted

beach with coral rocks, rubble, green algae, river mouth, reef
Posted 2009-06-05
water > salt
red door to beach front house, tree roots and grass, fallen pine needles
Posted 2009-06-05
land > structure
fishing nets and ropes, debris tangled in tree roots at shoreline
Posted 2009-06-05
still > still life

waves breaking over reef, sea foam
Posted 2009-06-05
water > salt
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